Animal Transport

We provide door-to-door services for the transportation of animals; this means we collect the dogs directly from the customer, and then transport them to the designated destination. Through this, we respect the time of our clients, as well as limiting any negative emotions associated with travel for the pet.

We also take care of any necessary formalities and documentation that will allow the dog to travel to its destination without problems (eg. passport, vaccinations, microchip).

Every transporting vehicle that we use, has a GPS tracking system programmed to allow the owner to track their pet’s route at all times, as well as monitor the frequency and duration of stops.

Equipped with a temperature sensor the system can provide you with accurate information on the temperature in the vehicle, and if any adjustments were made due to weather conditions when travelling.

We pride ourselves in our individual and confidential approach when handling dogs, we know that each client is to be treated differently, and we will respect any specific wishes that you may have.

With many years of dog handling and training experience, we provide services at the highest level. All of our employees are qualified with all necessary courses, certificates, and qualifications, that will allow us to take immaculate care of every dog regardless of their temperament.